Start working out your Plan Bs

Your Part B essay for Assignment 3 should include a process by which you develop a Plan B for each lesson.

In addition, as soon as you know where you are being placed on Professional Experience, then you should plan to develop a table as suggested above. A table that lists all the available digital technologies, how they might break, and what you might be able to do.

Given that many schools have the same digital technologies, it would be a good idea to share your table via a blog post.

available technologies

  • in-class computers (depending on year level)
  • computer labs
  • ipads (possibly)
  • IWB

how the ICT might “break”

  • software might not be suitable for some/all of the computers/ipads
  • internet might be too slow or lacking any connection
  • connection between the IWB or other devices might be broken or not set up suitably

what i might be able to do

  • if it is a software problem then there really is not much i can do straight away. i would have to consult with the mentor or ICT consultant for clarification
  • if the internet is slow it would be because to many people are on at the same time, therefore i would have to keep in mind what the rest of the school is doing. if there is no connection at all, then ultimately there is nothing i can do but consult the ICT coordinator and see if it can be rectified swiftly.
  • connection between devices should always be checked first, do not ever just think “it will be all good”. sometimes you need certain software downloaded for it to connect and so on.

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