IWB tools, techniques, and approaches

Can you explain the following techniques and identify how you might use them?

  1. Spotlight/searchlight;
  2. screen-shade;
  3. timers;
  4. transparency;
  5. grouping;
  6. screen capture.


  1. spotlight/searchlight is a tool that allows you to focus on certain areas of the screen. you could use the spotlight/searchlight as a detective and try to find the clues using this software.
  2. screen-shade is tool that allows you to “hide” part of the screen to work on smaller or individual parts. this could be used well for making inferences of events or working on specific parts of something for science, history or geography.
  3. timers is fairly self explanatory, it is a clock or functions as a timer/stopwatch. easy to show different time formats or to time activities.
  4. transparency is also fairly self explanatory, it allows you to make parts or the whole screen transparent. this would be definitely useful for “area” as is suggested in the article.
  5. grouping is using a text object or image and dragging into in place on the screen. this is a useful tool to match objects/texts with its corresponding image/text.
  6. screen capture in simple form, cutting and pasting a chosen image. this has a wide range of uses, where you could be able to use a game board, or any text or object that is being used within the lesson context.

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